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12 July 2011

Support the workers at the Swedwood plant in Danville, Virginia

BWI affiliate the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW)filed for union election on June 20, 2011 and elections are to take place on July 27, 2011. Despite IKEA and Swedwood’s pledged to not interfere in the election process, unfortunately they intervened by demanding that 30 workers, described as “Team Captains”, be included in the bargaining unit, failed to provide the list of workers within 24 hours, and allowed union access to the plant. ACT NOW! Support workers in Danville by to taking pictures of yourself in front of an IKEA store holding a sign entitled, “I Vote for IKEA/Swedwood Union!”

We are in the last phase of this important campaign to reiterate our support to workers who want nothing more than to have safe and decent working conditions, respect, and dignity. We are declaring July 18 to 25, “Vote for IKEA/Swedwood Union” week.

Since 2008, the BWI has actively supported IAMAW to organize the more than 300 workers at the Swedwood plant in Danville, Virginia. We have engaged in direct dialogue with IKEA and Swedwood management, noting that IKEA attempted vigorous engagement and conducted various global actions for IKEA and Swedwood to respect the workers’ right to organize and form a trade union.

We request your support by asking your affiliates and members to take pictures in front of IKEA stores holding a sign entitled, “I Vote for IKEA/Swedwood Union!” Please email these photos to Jin Sook Lee at and we will send them directly to the workers in Danville to show that there is international support for their struggle.