Montenegro: SGIGMCG signs a national Collective Bargaining Agreement for the construction sector

From the USA to the Philippines: Celebrating Women in the Building Trades

Solidarity with imprisoned construction workers in South Korea

South Africa : BWI statement from global conference on chineses MNCs


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BWI: A Network of Communication and Campaigns was created in Latin America

During four days, the capital of Argentina hosted 34 union leaders, mostly representatives of the Press Departments of the trade union members of the Building and Wood Worker´s International (BWI) that agreed to create a Network of Communicators and Campaigners which basically will use all the...

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Etex Group: growth solidarity with strike in Argentina

Due the importance that the Building and Wood Worker´s International (BWI) gives to the recent conflicts in various countries resulted of the restructuring that Etex Group has carried out since 2013, we published a note of the representatives of Etex Group in Europe at the meeting of the European...

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Switzerland: Geneva moves against wage dumping

Wage dumping is rampant throughout Switzerland. Now, BWI affiliate Unia has successfully put pressure on the City of Geneva to take action against the fraudsters and to go beyond the requirements of federal law. Situated on the Swiss border, Geneva is particularly vulnerable to wage dumping, and...

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Turkish union TARIM ORMAN-IS increase their organizing skills and defend the rights of refugees

107 union representatives and shop stewards gathered in Antalya, Turkey, to learn and share experiences on how to organise new members to fight for better working conditions – especially for rural forest workers and migrants who work in precarious employment. The training was organized by the...

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Solidarity with unions and activists opposing the TPPA signing

As trade ministers from 12 Asia-Pacific nations gather to sign off on the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) on Thursday the 4th of February in Auckland (New Zealand), thousands of concerned citizens will voice their opposition to this undemocratic corporate trade and investment...

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UN expert concerned over threats to democracy in South Korea

"Protests helped make this country great, and openness has long been a tradition. I would urge both the people and Government of this country to cherish that legacy,” stated the UN Special Rapporteur Maina Kiai after his...

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TPPA? No Way! Hands off our democracy!

Support unions in New Zeeland opposing the TPPA on 4 February by tweeting @ItsOurFutureNZ and using the hashtag #TPPANoWay! On 4 February, Trade Ministers and Heads of State from twelve Asia-Pacific nations (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico,...

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Bro Mohd Khalid bin Atan: Celebrating his lifelong contribution to the trade union movement

It was with great sadness that we received the news on 26 January 2016 that Bro Mohd Khalid bin Atan, or Khalid as he was fondly known, had passed away. He was a lifelong advocate of workers’ struggle and had long played a critical role of the advancement of workers’ rights, both within Malaysia...

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INDIA: Large gathering of construction sector trade unions stand united for workers’ rights in Tamil Nadu

The Construction and Unorganised Workers Federation (CUWF) – a state-wide federation led by the BWI affiliate TKTMS –organized its State Level General Body meeting on 19th January 2016 at Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu State, India. More than 300 delegates representing different unions attended this...

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Obituary: Bro Mohd Khalid bin Atan

Today the BWI mourns the sudden demise of Mohd Khalid bin Atan, President of Timber Employees Union Peninsular Malaysia (TEUPM) as well as President of Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC). According to his family he fell accidentally while in his bathroom at home and passed out; an ambulance...

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