Brazil under Lula restores OHS tripartite dialogue in construction industry

Brazil’s Ministry of Labor and Employment resumed the activities of a tripartite commission working on guidelines on workplace health and safety in the construction sector based on the regulatory standard 18 (NR-18). The resumption of the commission, under President Lula da Silva’s administration, is said to be an essential step towards rebuilding social dialogue amongst government, workers, and entrepreneurs in the construction sector. It is expected to contribute to a more sustainable social dialogue amongst key industry stakeholders. 

The permanent nature of the commission signals a quality leap in the institutionalisation of social dialogue in Brazil as it provides necessary space to effectively implement regulatory standards related to occupational health and safety. The government is now investing in the productive development of the sector by ensuring healthier and safer workplaces and minimising the risks of work-related accidents and diseases. 

The resumption of the tripartite commission takes place in the context of economic growth characterised by an increase in the stock of jobs in construction industry during the first half of the year. BWI and its Brazilian affiliates look to this development with much hope and optimism as they continue the fight for decent work and safer workplaces. The trade unions observed that the country is slowly returning to democracy, with popular participation and people's consultation becoming once again the hallmarks of Brazil’s public administration.