European young unionists reiterate need for safe and decent jobs

As Europe begins rolling out vaccines against COVID-19, young trade unionists from Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, and United Kingdom met online this month to update each other on the latest developments on the pandemic’s impact on the region’s working population. 

The young unionists all shared the assessment that many workplaces have become complacent in, and/or are not, seriously implementing occupational health and safety (OHS) measures. They said that this is especially true in non-unionised workplaces, where new waves of COVID-19 infections were detected.  


The young trade unionists also highlighted the precarious and informal employment conditions of migrant workers and those who are self-employed. They said that these workers have no choice but to continue working despite the real threat of COVID-19 to their health and lives in order to earn a living. They said that this takes a toll on the mental health of many workers.


The Europe-based young leaders are now busy preparing for the 28 April International Workers’ Memorial Day wherein they will highlight the need to secure OHS as a fundamental workers’ right.