11 workers killed in accommodation fire in Qatar

20 June 2016 13:25

Eleven South Asian workers in Qatar got killed and 12 injured in a fire that broke out in their living quarters on Wednesday night. The news was reported on Friday and did not reveal the exact location or nationalities of the workers – but according to information from BWI sources in Qatar – they were working for the Qatari owned company Al Ali Engineering Co. W.L.L on the construction of the Salwa Resort – a massive 257-acre waterfront resort that includes hotels, water park, a marina, spa and cinemas. 

The BWI sends its deepest condolences to the families, co-workers and friends of these workers. Although there is no official report stating the cause of the fire, the BWI notes that in discussions with migrant workers in its many visits to Qatar, migrant workers expressed their frustration of overcrowding and unsafe condition without proper fire protection. BWI is concerned that without clear enforcement of safety regulations regarding housing for workers in Qatar – tragedies like this will continue to happen.

The housing area is located in Al Areeq in the south of the country, about 100 kilometers from the capital Doha and close to the border of Saudi Arabia.