11th Regional Committee Meeting: “Yes” to the Peace in Colombia and other deliberations

13 October 2016 14:58

The 11th BWI Regional Committee Meeting held in Panama City on September 28th discussed, among other issues, on the political, economic and trade union regional situation emphasizing the situation experienced by different democracies in the region with the atypical case of parliamentary coup against Brazilian President: Dilma Rousseff and accusations against former President: Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva. Other topics discussed were the economic slowdown affecting the construction industry and the recent peace process started between the FARC and the Government of Colombia.

Among other proposals, a resolution of the Regional Women's Committee met the previous day was presented related to the Peace Process in Colombia. This resolution was approved by the Regional Committee in full. The proposal also supports the option of "YES" in the popular query on October 2nd.

Among other issues, the 11th Regional Committee Meeting also deliberated on the proposal of Latin America and the Caribbean to the BWI Global Strategic Plan, which BWI is developing in their regions in order to provide a guide for organization for the coming period 2018 to 2021. BWI will hold its 4th World Congress between November 28th and December 3rd, 2017 in Durban, South Africa.

The meeting was attended by Pierre Cuppens of the BIE ACV Belgium and BWI Vice President, also by Piet Matosa, President of BWI Regional Committee for Africa and the Middle East, and Alberto E. Yuson, BWI General Secretary . It was led by its President: Gerardo Martínez of UOCRA, Argentina.

The 11th BWI Regional Committee Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean attended issues of internal character and was held in the framework of the BWI Global Conference Cement held in Panama City with more than 200 participants from 77 organizations of 43 countries. On the same week, BWI also held in Panama City meeting of the Regional Women's Committee, the Youth Ad-Hoc Group, the Global Cement Network, the Odebrecht Trade Unions Network and the 11th BWI Regional Committee Meeting. A bilateral meeting of Argentine and Brazilian unions was held on the same week and with the guidance of BWI the unions agreed to propose and stimulate the creation of the Regional Ceramist Workers Network for Latin America and the Caribbean.