03 August 2020 10:36

To celebrate the 2020 International Youth Day, BWI and its young trade unionists are calling on their affiliates, partners and allies to campaign for “Decent, Safe & Permanent Jobs for All."

Amidst the pandemic, millions of people, majority of whom are young workers, have become unemployed, with more workers in danger of losing their jobs as COVID-19 continues to paralyse the global economy.  

Yet, even before the pandemic, the global economy is already failing in providing young workers with permanent jobs, ensuring decent working conditions and living wages. As a result, many young workers are trapped in a vicious cycle of low wages, rising debts, poor occupational health and safety standards and job insecurity. Job and wage insecurity is not something that happened as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic merely accelerated and exacerbated the contradictions of an economic system based on inequality and biased against labour. 

Under these circumstances, BWI’s young members see the 2020 International Youth Day as an opportunity to put forward a unified stance to demand for decent, safe and permanent jobs for all. They will mark this year's International Youth Day on 12 August with a week-long online campaign to promote jobs for all. 

BWI young affiliates will lead in posting infographics on youth employment and wages, and solidarity messages, songs and poems from young trade unionists worldwide.

On 12 August, a culturally innovative youth-led webinar will be held to push for regular jobs for all. Young trade unionists will offer songs and poems, will rap and give speeches to mark the occasion.

To register and participate, click here.