22 March 2019 20:15


Call to Action:  Protect Wages and Not Borders

The BWI is calling all its affiliates to support UNIA’s campaign to protect wages and not borders by signing a petition for calling European Parliament to vote NO to the current draft of the Swiss-EU framework agreement.


By saying NO it means a YES to social Europe, freedom of movement and strong workers’ rights.


The debate on the further development of bilateral relations between Switzerland and the EU and the present institutional framework draft-agreement is making waves in Switzerland. In this context, a broad committee, supported by trade unions, has launched a call for the free movement of persons and strong workers' rights, as well as against neoliberal market ideology and xenophobia. 


 On 26 or 27 March, the European Parliament will hold a vote on this draft framework agreement. It is very important that voices calling for a social Europe are clearly heard in this context. The campaign is to persuade many MEPs as possible to sign the appeal. The call for signatures is also addressed to representatives of social movements, NGOs, trade unions and academics from all over Europe. 


What you can do:


  1. Sign the petition campaign site which is available in four languages: https://protect-wages-not-borders.org/  
  2. Distribute the call to your networks.