21 November 2016 14:44


The international media and institutions have highlighted the difficult working and living conditions of migration workers in the lead up to the preparations for the 2022 World Cup. Although accurate statistics of the number of migrant workers injured or killed working in Qatar is difficult to attain, based on data from the embassies present in Qatar, the figure is at least 1,200. 

The BWI also regularly receives reports about workers injured or killed due to accident at the worksite-accidents that could easily have been prevented if proper health and safety measures were implemented. 

In many cases, workers find themselves left to their own resources to cover the costs of medical treatment and there have been incidents where workers were forced to collect among themselves funds to cover the repatriation costs of their friends and colleagues killed as some employers refuse to pay for these costs. Families often receive little or no compensation, leaving them completely without income. 

To support migrant workers in Qatar and their families back home, the BWI is setting up a solidarity fund by selling “Hard Hats for Education”. 

Please donate today to contribute to tuition for education and vocational training for children and family members of migrant workers injured or killed while working in Qatar. In supporting continued education and vocational training of the family members of migrant workers, it is hoped that it would contribute to the economic development of the individual families and their communities. 

Donate today. 

The following are the bank details: 

BANQUE COOP 6-8 Place Longemalle 1204 Genève Switzerland 



54, route des Acacias, 1227 Carouge SWITZERLAND 

No 246606.290190-6 (CHF)
IBAN CH41 0844 0246 6062 9019 0 
No 246606.310290-0 (EUR)

IBAN CH56 0844 0246 6063 1029 0 
No 246606.310090-7 (USD) 
IBAN CH24 0844 0246 6063 1009 0 

The BWI expresses its gratitude for your support. 


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