12 March 2018 20:15

The Spotlight Initiative, which is a global, initiative of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN), focused on eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls globally has produced a series of animation videos entitled #HerStoryOurStory. One of these is about a woman named Rani who works in the construction industry.

Rani faces a number of challenges such as pay inequality, discrimination, and sexual harassment and violence.

One of the BWI’s campaign priorities is on addressing violence and harassment at work. To start with, it developed a Policy for Gender Equality and is encouraging all affiliates that this should be part of their own union policy and an agenda on their collective negotiations, including all BWI International Framework Agreements (IFAs).

Also, to improve Gender Based Violence (GBV)based violence responses, preparedness and prevention capacity, other approaches include promoting women’s empowerment and leadership skills, building the capacity of trade unions to address GBV, and promoting mechanisms to support victims of GVB.

Rani’s story is not only her story, it is your and our story, too!

Click here to see Rani’s story