12 March 2018 20:51



The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is meeting in Peru on 13 September, however there are still outstanding concerns over the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, which has left a trail of labour violations, including major health and safety failures and huge sums in unpaid wages.


Health and safety is a major issue in the South Korean construction industry, and on average two workers die a day. There have already been four fatalities on Olympic construction sites, and many more injuries and near misses.


South Korean workers are owed almost a million US dollars in delayed or unpaid wages directly related to Olympic venues, and more than six million US relating to Olympic-related infrastructure projects in the region.


South Korean workers have consistently been threatened and targeted for standing up to these attacks. The BWI is demanding that jailed trade union officials like KCTU President Han Sang Gyun be released immediately and the attacks on trade union officials come to an end.


The IOC has the political power to demand these violations are addressed. As one worker stated, “The IOC can make sure people get paid on time and don’t get hurt on the job. If they want construction work done well, they should make sure that the people who do the work are treated well. The quality of construction depends on the quality of the work done by workers and the treatment they receive.”


Now is the time for IOC to act. Make your voice heard by adding your name to the below Action Alert to achieve justice for South Korean workers. 


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