29 September 2018 17:21

126 restoration workers at the West Mebun Temple complex in Siem Reap (Cambodia) are demanding their reinstatement on the terms of the collective agreement that they fought for and won. In 2013 the workers formed a union affiliated to the Building and Wood Workers Trade Union of Cambodia (BWTUC) and bargained a collective agreement that brought them real improvements in wages and conditions. 

However, in February 2018 they were alerted that due to financial difficulties work on the temple restoration would be suspended. The work is being funded by a Ministry of the French Government. However, control of the project has been transferred to the Cambodian agency APSARA, which has not allowed unions and collective bargaining in the past. 

The shut-down which began in May was slated to last only three months, but APSARA is refusing to let them return to work on the terms and conditions in the collective agreement that they fought for and won. The wages being proposed by APSARA represent a 30-65% wage cut across the wage scale, as well as the loss of other benefits.

West Mebun temple workers restoration workers say: “no work without our collective agreement.”

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