27 November 2020 16:45

The BWI is calling on all of you to protest against the dismissals of the vice-president of the Norwegian Elevators Union, Heismontørenes Fagforening (HMF) who has been supporting the workers at Schindler Norway.

The union reports that the dismissal has taken place after workers refusal to use an app without prior discussion with the union.

You can make a difference: ACT NOW! Sign the protest message to the management hereunder.

In its letter, the BWI is urging the company:

  • to reinstate the vice-president of the union and

  • to engage in a social dialogue with the union.

The BWI has sent a solidarity message to HMK and a protest letter to the company.

Please take two minutes to protest against Schindler's attitude by adding your name to the message hereunder! Our Norwegian friends need your support.

Model letter

Managing Director Mr Harald Torsoe


HR Director Mr. Inger Mostue


Business Manager Mr. Gunnar Jesner


Business Manager Mr. Leonard Celegin


CC: HMF foreninga@heis.no

Re: Violation of workers and trade union rights at Schindler Norway

I am appalled to hear about your company's anti-union attitude forcing workers to use of an app without prior discussions with the union. If not, workers aren't paid.

I am also appalled to hear about the dismissal of the vice-president of the Norwegian Elevators Union, Heismontørenes Fagforening (HMF), Alxander Jordnes, who has been suppporting the workers.

In view of the above, I strongly protest against this anti-union attitude which represents serious violations of international labour standards, more particularly ILO C. 87 on Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise and ILO C. 98 on the Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining. Norway has ratified both conventions more than 65 years ago!

Against this background, I urge you to take all measures to restore social justice in your company by reinstating the the union vice-president and engage in a social dialogue without delay.

I fully support the union comrades.



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