The BWI has given the yellow card to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for failing to include ILO Core Conventions in their chain of custody (COC) certification.

The FSC is a forest accreditation scheme, that allows timber and forest-product firms to demonstrate to consumers that they are complying with social and environmental obligations, including labour standards.

However, at the 8th FSC General Assembly in Vancouver, the FSC voted against a resolution proposed by the BWI to include ILO Core Conventions in the COC standard.

As a result the Social Chamber raised the Yellow Card to FSC with a statement:

“As in football matches, we raise the yellow card to the Economic Chamber as a warning and calling them to engage in fair and constructive dialogue with the Social Chamber to seek solutions.”

ILO Core Conventions are already embedded across the FSC Forest Management Standards and the International Generic Indicators, leaving the COC standard as the odd one out.

Support the campaign Yellow Card for FSC!

Collectively we demand FSC to:

  • Submit concrete recommendations on how it can ensure workers’ rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining are guaranteed by CoC certificate holders, including but not limited to observing neutrality in the course of union organizing of their business operations

  • Give priority and immediate resolution on BWI complaints (considering the long process of resolving past complaints e.g. Sabah Timber Industry Employees Union, Malaysia).