Affiliation fees guidelines

Affiliates of the BWI are bound by the following affiliation fees rules and related statutes' articles as from 1st of January 2006:

1. Purpose

The purpose of paying annually the affiliation fee to the BWI is to sustain in solidarity the objectives, methods and structure as described in the BWI statutes.

The BWI is recognised as a "not for profit organisation" and is therefore financially depending on the affiliation fees as main income received annually from its affiliates. The BWI establish every year a budget which is approved by the World Board.

In order to develop a strong international trade union organisation, to carry a substantial amount of strategic activities and to develop global and regional networks for better representing and defending the workers in our sectors, it is the responsibility of each affiliate to respect payment of the affiliation fees to BWI as described below.

2. Affiliation fees

Affiliates of BWI shall pay affiliation fees based on their full membership (Hereafter referred as membership) in the construction, building, building materials, wood, forestry and allied industries and trades.

Every year, the affiliates of BWI shall inform their accurate membership figures, for the active members in the sectors before mentioned. The statutory affiliation fee is CHF 2. - per member / per year.

BWI Statutes Art 8. stipulates:

8.1. The BWI shall be financed mainly by annual affiliation fees, which shall be set by the World Congress and calculated on the basis of membership figures at 31 December of the previous year.

8.2. Affiliation fees shall be paid during the first quarter of the year.

8.3. New affiliates will commence payment as from the first day of the month following acceptance.

8.4. The World Board may grant reductions in affiliation fees based on recommendations by the Regional Committees in exceptional cases for a limited period of time according to the BWI affiliation fee guidelines. Voting rights are reduced proportionately.

8.5. The World Council shall be empowered in exceptional circumstances to impose an additional affiliation fee of the member organisations, in which event a two-thirds majority is required for the proposal to carry.

8.6. At least twenty per cent of the affiliation fees received annually shall be placed in a fund for regional activities to be used in developing coun

tries and two and a half per cent of affiliation fees received annually shall be placed in a special fund for solidarity actions and used according to BWI Solidarity Fund Regulations.

2.a Reduction

If an affiliate is unable to pay the statutory affiliation fees for all its members for a valid reason and a limited period of time, the World Board may agree to a reduced payment upon the written request of the affiliate. The request shall be endorsed first by the regional committee. Voting rights will be reduced according to the percentage of reduced payment.

The affiliate is aware of its rights and obligations that the affiliation fee is important to the BWI. The affiliate paying a reduced fee must show a willingness to increase its commitment to the BWI, when re-applying for reduction in the future.

The affiliate having difficulties to pay the full statutory fee of CHF 2. - per member:

a) may propose other methods for payment (request a delay, pay on quarterly or monthly basis, etc);

b) may request in writing to the Regional Committee and then to the World Board for a reduced payment (within the range of the annexed bands);

c) when requesting for a reduction, the affiliate shall propose the maximum amount it can pay for a limited period of time (the current / following year);

d) the World Board, upon recommendation from the Regional Committee, will give its approval on the reduced paying membership and on the period of time;

e) the World Board may request the affiliate to pay a higher fee than the one proposed.

2.b Exemption

In case of extraordinary and extreme hardship, when an affiliate cannot pay even a reduced amount, the World Board may agree exemption from affiliation fees payments for a limited period. The written request shall be endorsed first by the regional committee. The affiliate's voting rights will then be suspended.

Rights and obligations

3.a Right to participate

BWI Statutes Art 5.1a) stipulate:

  • Affiliates that have paid their statutory affiliation fees shall be entitled to participate and exercise all the affiliates' rights at BWI congresses, conferences, and meetings.

3.b Voting rights

BWI Statutes Art 9.8 Voting at the Congress and Art 3.8 in the Regional Bylaws on Voting at the Regional Conference

a) The number of votes held by each affiliate present is determined by the average amount of affiliation fees due and paid during the past four years.

b) New affiliates joining the BWI less than four years prior to Congress shall have voting rights based upon the average affiliation fees paid since their affiliation.

c) Each affiliate shall have one vote for every block of 1000 paying members or part thereof.

BWI Statutes Art 5.1 d):

  • Affiliates have the obligation of meeting promptly requirements for the payment of affiliation fees.

3.c Arrears and withdrawal of the right to participate

Affiliates which fail to pay their annual fees without a valid reason recognised by the World Board shall be declared to be in arrears and shall lose the right to participate or sit in any BWI congresses, conferences, meetings, until all arrears are paid. The World Board has the right to disaffiliate a union after one year or more in arrears.

BWI Statutes Art 6.3 stipulate:

  • The membership of any affiliate may be declared lapsed by the World Board if its affiliation fees are one year or more in arrears.

3.d Termination

BWI Statutes Art 6.2

Upon termination of affiliation all rights and obligations arising by virtue of the affiliation shall cease

a) Affiliation fees shall be due up to the date of termination of affiliation

b) There shall be no reimbursement of affiliation fees already paid.

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