Africa and Middle East: Unions assert Palestine's right to exist in peace

BWI affiliates in Africa and Middle East condemned the violent attacks against the Palestinian people, asserting that Palestine has the right to exist in peace. 

During its 4th Regional Conference, BWI trade unions in the region said that they support the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including the right to recover their lands which were illegally annexed and occupied, right to self-determination through the establishment of an independent and democratic state. 

They said that violence in the territory is widespread, exacerbated by the illegal settlements in Palestine and constant threat of eviction against its people. 

“The violence is a major obstacle to achieving just and lasting peace through a two-state solution based on international law and UN security council resolutions,” GFBTU/PGFTU President Shaher Saad said.

The trade unions reiterated its support and solidarity for Palestinian workers. They said that democratic trade unionism in Palestine can also exist and thrive in a climate of peace and security.