Amandla! More Power to the Women in BWI!

01 December 2017 08:11

Participants to the BWI 4th Congress were impressed by the International’s women campaign during Day one activities when Fatimah Mohammad, chair of the international women’s committee took the floor.

More than 30 women from all regions joined Fatimah on the stage singing African Songs and dancing under the slogan Amandla! Power to the Women.

Flowers were brought to the presidium raising the attention of all on the need of giving more power to the women in BWI by setting it in the constitution.

The BWI women leadership succeeded in incorporating at least one third women’s representation in BWI bodies and throughout the activities of the BWI with immediate effect.

This historic amendment of BWI constitution in Durban Congress is coming 20 years after the Harare Congress where the International Women’s Committee was established.

Amandla! Women Power!