Another death at the 2018 World Cup Stadium in St-Petersburg

25 October 2016 19:56

On 7th of October 2016 fatal accident happened on the World Cup Stadium in St. Petersburg. According to news reports, the worker tragically from down an elevator shaft. 

This is the fourth fatal accident on the Stadium in St. Petersburg which is set to host one of the semi-final matches in 18 months. At the end of last year, two workers died and another died of a fatal accident during the summer. It is reported that to date there have been 8 deaths at the stadium. 

The site has been wrought with a number of problems including lack of payment to workers, delayed work, and discrepancies in financial spending resulting in the then general contractor, Transstroy being fired by the St. Petersburg City Hall. 

“We are increasingly concerned by the number of fatal accidents at the site and believe that these tragedies can be averted if safety and health conditions are strictly enforced,” stated Ambet Yuson, BWI general secretary. 

On the World Day of Decent Work, the BWI highlights the importance of all parties involved in the preparation to 2018 World Cup in Russia to take stronger measures and actions to stop fatalities on the World Cup construction sites and to ensure “No More Deaths in the Name of Sports”.