April 28th: Public and Private Sector in standstill on April 28th

11 April 2016 15:39

The National Unitary Trade Union of Construction Workers and Related (SUNTRACS), who represent the private construction sector in Costa Rica and the National Union of Public Works and Transport (UNATROPYT), representatives of public works construction the same country, unite in demonstration of the Occupational Safety at work.

UNATROPYT will leader a stoppage for one hour in a workplace located near the province of Heredia, Costa Rica.

While, at the same time, the SUNTRACS will stop work on both floors of Incesa Standard Company, the only company from Incesa/American Chain Company of Central America that is unionized.

Corresponding this company to the private construction sector (who provide building materials), Incesa Standard is located in Uruca, San Jose, and will be stopped 10 minutes in the morning.

Both unions aim with these stoppages have meetings with workers and short talks about the importance of Health and Safety at workplaces.

In addition to this effort, both unions collectively will deliver a letter to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Costa Rica (MTSS) and the Costa Rican Chamber of Construction (CCC) in order to file a complaint of those workplaces where it has violated the Occupational Safety. Similarly, this document intended serve as initial lobbie for ratification of ILO Conventions 162 and 167.

In turn, the letter intended to be as well, a mean for opening the first national dialogue in relation to the reduction of the weight of cement bags in Costa Rica to 25 kilos.

The trade union movement is fighting for Occupational Safety again!