Argentina: Fatalities in the Construction Industry are reduced by 43.7%.

12 April 2016 12:40

Thanks to a joint effort of the Argentinean Building Workers Union (UOCRA), a BWI member, with the Argentinean Chamber of Construction (CAMARCO), the Superintendency of Occupational Risks (SRT) and the Union of Occupational Insurers (UART), it was approved the Resolution 1642-1609 which created the Quadripartite Commission of Construction nationwide, whose purpose was to implement a monitoring program to the 50 construction companies that had the highest accident rates in Buenos Aires and the provinces of Cordoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe (Rosario).

Because of this program, in 2014 it was reduced by 43.7% the rates of accidents in those 50 companies.

The plan was focused on direct action at workplace such as:

  • Daily talks with workers before start their work.

  • Reviews of workplaces with the presence of those responsible for health and safety.

  • Analysis of accidents by Tree Method Causes.

  • Preparation of a "Safe Work License" before tasks of:

a) excavation;

b) demolition;

c) work at heights; and

d) work with energized equipment with medium or high voltaje.

The decrease in the accident rate that averaged 43.70%, occurred among listed companies which corresponded to the following provinces: 45% in CABA; 42% in Buenos Aires; 53% in Cordoba; 36% in Mendoza; and 39% in Santa Fe.

The Building and Wood Workers` International (BWI), congratulates its argentinean affiliated: UOCRA, for the initiative in favor of construction workers. Decent work for everyone!