ARGENTINA: Women for Prevention of Construction Hazards

20 April 2016 08:19

With the focus on improving working conditions they discussed the problems in the sector, giving training on H&S standards and regulations, how to identify hazards and on planning Trade Union action points.

They also looked at specific hazards for women in the sector -ergonomic, physical and chemical hazards – their causes, consequences and prevention.

“The participation of our women representatives was outstanding, with extremely good discussions” said Marta Pujadas, H&S expert of UOCRA and President of the BWI Regional Womens Committee, “ and the proposals and solutions they came up with were really impressive, a great contribution to achieving a healthier industry.”

The seminar had the support of UOCRA General Secretary Gerardo Martinez, who discussed with the delegates the importance of women trade union representatives in making fresh proposals and solutions to improve working conditions in the construction sector.