Better solutions in the collective agreement at MNC “Nexe Group”

19 June 2017 14:01

Workers - "Superman for all Jobs" - in every workplace and at any time: The Trade Union of Workers of Construction and Building Materials Industry of Serbia (SRGIGMS), held on 7 and 8 April 2017 a workshop in Novi Becej, Serbia with the trade union committees of trade union organisations "Polet" Novi Sad, "Polet-Ceramics" Novi Bečej and "Stražilovo" Sremski Karlovci. These companies operate within the framework of the "Nexe Group" Našice, Croatia. The Union representative, Mile Serdar and member of the Trade Union Committee, Kreso Doric of the Union organisation at "Nasice Cement" from Croatia participated at the workshop.


The local Trade Unions at "Polet" and "Polet-Ceramics" are preparing for negotiations on the improvement of the collective agreement. Negotiations will begin in September 2017. The priority issues are: elements for basic earnings and performance, overtime and redistribution of working hours and health and safety related issues. The negotiations are supported by the leadership and expert team of the SRGIGMS. In this regard, the sharing of information and experiences of sister Trade Union organizations at "Nasice Cement" from Croatia is of great value in strengthening the unions’ knowledge and position.

Worrying is the fact that in 2016 at "Polet" Novi Bečej, a company that employs 250 workers, 20 workplace related accidents have been noted. One of the main reasons for such large number of injuries is the continuous work in two and three shifts in the manufacturing plants which impacts negatively workers concentration and working conditions. The issue of lack of proper training for all activities workers have to perform is very serious.

Therefore, the local Trade Union Committee and the Committee for Safety and Health at Work, requested from the employer to undertake measures to reduce the number of injuries.

The sharing was organized in the frame of the Balkan Spring Offensive campaign.