Brazil: Affiliates fight against attacks on unions!

26 April 2018 15:56


The Brazilian working class is being hardly attacked by the employers' associations. The labour reform was a real blow to the workers by removing historically conquered rights. The reform seeks to weaken the unions by attacking their means of financial support. The lack of jobs and the large number of people looking for work contributes to weakening the working class.

Some bad entrepreneurs want to take advantage of this situation to withdraw labour rights and to lower wages. That is to say, to take away from the workers instead of joining us in the struggle for the resumption of the paralyzed works, the return of the credit for construction sector and the generation of jobs. For Paulo Cesar Borba Peres, Carioca, president of SINTRACONST-ES and a member of FETRACONMAG-ES, affiliated to BWI in Brazil: "Employers are seeking to eliminate the Collective Agreement that is negotiated every year and use the new law that does not guarantee basic rights as the union representation nor the decent working day that every worker deserves”. The refusal to negotiate the Collective Agreement and the imminence of the withdrawal of rights led the union to declare a strike : "They want to take advantage of the fact that the crisis and unemployment have weakened the workers, but let us show them that we, the construction workers, will not allow the withdrawal of our rights. Let's go on strike if necessary!" concluded Peres.

The same situation occurs in the state of Bahia where the employers' association is seeking to negotiate an agreement that is extremely harmful to workers. For this reason, SINTEPAV BA, affiliated to the BWI, began an indefinite strike against the employer's proposal. For Irailson Warneaux, president of SINTEPAV BA: "The employer presented a counterproposal with the objective of withdrawing several items conquered in previous Agreement. This regressive pattern suspends the 30-day experience contract, withdraws the obligation to pay for the Profit Result Programme and even discuss occupational health and safety issues, among others." Warneaux adds: "We will fight against these setbacks and demonstrate the strength of the working class."

The BWI stands in solidarity with all workers in Brazil against this attack on workers' rights and calls for solidarity and support.