Brazil: Campaign for the Resumption of Employment and Development leads to the resumption of works in Cuiabá

07 November 2017 16:28


Around 100 workers were hired in the city of Cuiabá in order to resume housing construction as part of the Growth Acceleration Program. The resumption of this project is another victory for the Campaign coordinated by BWI and the Union of Workers in the Civil Construction Industry of Cuiabá and Municipalities (SINTRAICCCM)."

In addition to the more than 100 contracted workers, this project represents the possibility of housing for more than 2,000 families who suffer from the housing deficit," said Joaquim Santana, president of SINTRAICCCM. "The housing deficit in Brazil is enormous, and investment in this area, in addition to generating employment and income, meets the needs of the population," he concluded.

This project in Cuiabá adds to those already resumed in September in the same city. SINTRAICCCM has demonstrated that the Campaign has proved to be a good tool to put the need for investments in the construction sector to generate employment and income into the public debate. Santana said that "we have appeared on TV, radio and in newspapers with the campaign and with this we have won the support of the population and the politicians who are looking for solutions to the crisis in Brazil."

In addition to the local actions, BWI-affiliated unions gathered in Brasilia in October to define the next steps of the Campaign for Resumption of Employment and Development and are building towards a public hearing in the federal Chamber of Deputies to advance the demands of construction workers.