BRAZIL: FETRACONSPAR receives the first certificate in Latin America

27 February 2018 11:08


The Building and Furniture Worker´s Federation of Paraná (FETRACONSPAR) is the first BWI affiliated in Latin America and the Caribbean to receive its "Certificate of Affiliation" signed by the Global President Per-Olof Sjöo (Wood workers of Sweden), the Regional President Saúl Méndez (SUNTRACS Panama), the General Secretary Ambet Yuson and the Regional Representative Nilton Freitas.

The certificate was given directly by Saúl Méndez to President Reinaldim Barboza Pereira and the Secretary of Finance Denílson Pestana, on the occasion of the XXVII Planning Seminar of Building Trade Union Leaders, organized annually by the Federation and its 39 affiliated unions in the State of Paraná.

The BWI Affiliate Certificate will be given to all members with their statutory obligations and registration documents updated, informed the Regional Representative. "The goal is to value the affiliate and the affiliation to BWI," said Freitas.

Meanwhile, Saúl also grant the "Certificate of Affiliation" to SINTRACON of Curitiba and FETICOM of Santa Catarina, to their presidents Laureno Grunevald and Altamiro Perdoná, respectively. Perdoná is also the new president of CONTRICOM and was accompanied by his CFO, and also president of FETICOM Rio Grande do Sul Aroldo Pinto da Silva Garcia.

In its 27 years of existence, this is the first time that the FETRACONSPAR event has been visited by foreign trade unionists: Saúl Méndez and Jaime Caballero, Secretary of International Relations of SUNTRACS. Caballero also spoke on a panel, where the new Regional President of BWI thanked the support of Brazilian affiliates for their election in the 4th BWI Congress held in Durban, South Africa, last November.