Brazil: Hospital work in Mato Grosso resumed thanks to union´s struggle

15 March 2018 16:21


After one year, the "Campaign for the Resumption of Paralyzed Works" continues to bear fruit. This time, the Hospital Julio Müller, whose works were supposed to have concluded for the World Cup, was audited by the General Comptroller of the Union and its resumption ordered after the campaign of SINTRAICCCM, affiliated to the BWI. The actions of SINTAICCCM had repercussion in the local media and led to the mobilization of federal deputies and the Government of Mato Grosso itself to raise funds and resolve the situation.

According to Joaquim Dias Santana, President of SINTRAICCCM: "The work has been paralyzed for more than three years and once we resume execution we will have more than 200 workers employed. More seriously, the hospital has failed to meet the needs of the population of Mato Grosso." According to Santana, "As in the case of this Hospital, we will continue to struggle to resume all the paralyzed works and to create new projects that serve the population and generate employment for the construction workers in Mato Grosso."

The campaign is an action of unions' affiliated to the BWI focusing on generating employment and income in the construction sector.