Brazil: International Solidarity with the General Strike April 28th

20 April 2017 05:07

The Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) has followed with big concern the legislative initiatives promoted by the Brazilian Government in labor relations and social security.

Particular concern is the urgent approval by the majority of the parliamentarian government in the Chamber of a legislative proposal that regulates the subcontracting of labor and services (called "outsourcing"), totally unrestricted and without guarantee of rights for workers employed in the called activies-end of the company.

Likewise, the measures introduced by the government in the "social security reform" lead to an unlimited precariousness of social security, with economic, social and human losses for the current and future generation of working men and women.

As if it were not enough with these contemptible measures of social protection and labor, the government of Mr. Michel Temer attacks frontally to trade unions by proposing a labor "reform" that will result in the weakening of the unions and Collective Bargaining in Brazil, which will result in a reduction of salaries, benefits and rights at medium and long term.

The Brazilian State is acting against all commitments made at the United Nations system on reducing poverty and improving living and working conditions for its citizens. The current government, apparently driven by interests of the "market", acts against its people and, in particular, against the working class.

This is the reason why, BWI calls on all its affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean to issue solidarity actions with the NATIONAL GENERAL STRIKE that the Brazilian unions plan to carry out on April 28th - International Workers' Memorial Day - in defense of their working and living conditions and against the outsourcing of unrestricted and precarious work.

On April 28th, BWI trade unions will be sending letters of protest to Brazilian Embassies in several countries, along with unions affiliated to the Public Services International (PSI) and IndustriALL Global Union, other Global Union Federations mobilized in support of Brazilian workers.

According to BWI General Secretary, Ambet Yuson, "trade unions have a central role to play in the world of work. Workers are often confronted with governments and employers who facilitate, collaborate and even enforce human rights violations. It would be more appropriate for the government to seek ways to resume the thousands of unfinished projects across the country, whose very high investments are already deteriorating. Meanwhile, nearly 13 million people lost their jobs and public revenues, of course, collapse, which reduces the State's fiscal capacity and leads to a loss of public safety, health and education".

"This is why", - Yuson continues - "BWI Brazilian affiliates approved at the begining of this year the Campaign Employment Now - We want to work, asking for the resumption of unfinished projects of the Program Minha Casa, Minha Vida". Workers were concient of been under attack since then.

But, Brazilian workers are not alone: worldwide, the large family of BWI will be supporting in solidarity on this coming April 28th.

Support to the general strike on April 28th, 2017!

International solidarity now!

Against precariousness!

Against the reduction of pension rights!

Against the weakening of trade unions and collective bargaining!

BWI is fight and solidarity.