Brazil: Strike for rights at RG Engenharia

27 August 2018 23:00

Striking workers in Dourados.

150 workers at the construction company RG Engenharia in Dourados in central Brazil are on strike after their employer refused to sign a collective bargaining agreement. The company agreed to only 60 per cent of the proposed wage increase.

"The company refuses to present an overriding proposal. It continues to block the agreement and does not want to grant the salary adjustment that has now been delayed for 6 months," said Aline Ferle, president of the SINTRACOM-Dourados Trade Union who represent the workers.

"We will resist the efforts by the company to udermine workers' rights and continue to fight until we reach an agreement that respect workers," said Ferle.

The BWI and its affiliated unions repudiate RG Engenharia's lack of cooperation and invite the company to social dialogue to solve the demands of the workers.