Brazil: unions articulate hearing in the Chamber of Deputies for the resumption of paralyzed construction projects

06 November 2017 11:47


Trade unions affiliated to BWI have been building the ‘Campaign for the Resumption of Employment and Development’ throughout Brazil. The objective is to deal with the grave economic situation that the country is confronting, particularly in the construction sector.

The resumption of paralyzed projects is the main demand of the campaign, since stalled or halted construction stops generating jobs, income and benefits for the broader population and is a clear example of public money being thrown away. Resumption of infrastructure projects including, schools, hospitals and popular housing are among the main goals of the campaign.

Between October 24 and 25, the 3rd Campaign Meeting was held in the capital, Brasilia, where the situation of the sector was discussed and a public hearing was scheduled in the National Congress. A resumption plan that unions developed with the National Employers Association of the Heavy Construction Industry (SINICON) and the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (CBIC) was presented to Deputies and Senators.

On October 25, union leaders held a meeting with the president of CBIC and Vice-president of the International Confederation of Contractors' Associations (CICA), Jose Carlos Martins. After an exchange of ideas on the current situation it became clear that the resumption halted projects is an urgent and indispensable measure for both parties, and for SINICON, with whom BWI held previous meetings.

Through the coordination of BWI, trade unions that represent construction workers have been making a great effort to publicize the importance of the sector and to organize the various stakeholders in order to build an agenda that allows for a recovery that generates employment, income and better working and living conditions for workers. This work is already beginning to show results, but all of these goals will only be reached if we remain focused on and committed to this struggle.