Brazil: Unions gather to strengthen BWI communication and campaigns network

25 November 2017 17:28


Twelve representatives, responsible for communication and campaigns, met in Fortaleza-CE, Brazil, to strengthen the campaigns and communications network of the BWI in Brazil. BWI's network was formed in 2015 at a regional meeting held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since then has been working on BWI's campaigns and information exchanges through communication tools.

This meeting aims to strengthening union communication and campaigns strategies to face new challenges, increasing the number of unions participating in the BWI campaigns and communication network and updating the union information framework on communication. In order to meet those objectives, in addition to a technical discussion on the main communication tools and their strategies of use, participants also discussed the role of the trade union press in promoting quality information for workers and strengthening trade union organizations.

During the meeting, each of the organizations had the opportunity to present their communication work. From this debate the participants present could discuss the restructuring of the network from the tools, procedural agreements and documents so that it can better fulfill its role of mobilization and exchange of information. During the meeting, participants had the opportunity to meet the SINTEPAV CE headquarters.