Brazilian unions release COVID-19 protocols for construction workers

BWI’s Brazilian construction union affiliates and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES)-Brazil released a COVID-19 Protocol Document that will help trade union leaders in their collective bargaining negotiations and campaign efforts as they try to protect the health and safety of their members from the pandemic. 

The document titled “Impact of COVID-19 on the Construction Industry: Recommendations for Occupational Health and Safety Policies for Disease Prevention and Control,” was the result of an OSH training participated by 25 unions.  

“The health and safety protocols provided by the document are based on the WHO’s recommendations. We look forward to this document to become a policy tool to guide our fellow trade unionists in responding to the global health crisis,” BWI Regional Committee and FETRACONSPAR Representative Denilson Pestana said. 

As of 16 September, Brazil has 4.3 million active COVID-19 cases and 133,000 deaths.