BWI Africa Communication and Campaigns Network is effective

21 October 2016 09:43


As Related activity to the BWI Africa and Middle East 3rd Regional Conference, 22 delegates from selected BWI African affiliates attended to a Communications and Campaigns Training workshop in Maputo Mozambique from 12th to 14th September 2016.  The affiliates from 14 countries represented including ZEWU, MANWU, NUBEGW, SINTAF, SINTICIM, NUM, UBCCECAWU, CONSILMO, PUWU, USTB, NUCECFWW, CMWEU, STECOMA, KBCTFIEU and TUICO  The workshop intends to draw an inventory and assessment of the communications and campaigns skills, capacities, needs, facilities, and infrastructure of select BWI affiliates, document BWI affiliates’ media platforms, set up BWI Global Communicators-Campaigner Network, develop a coordination protocol for BWI communicators and campaigners and allow participants to share experiences and lessons in media and campaigning.  Dr Adolfo Zunguze, guest speaker from CONSILMO Mozambique, presented Communication between the union and the employer with a case study of Mozambique, which introduced Labour Law [8/98] in 1998. This law gave the dignity and protection of labour, freedom of association and freedom of trade unions to organize and the right to strike.  Tos Q. Anonuevo, the BWI Education Secretary, introduced the delegates to BWI and the Building Regional Capacity Project on communications and campaign as well as an overview of the BWI Global Communications and Campaigns across the globe.  The Global Communications and Campaign project has produced some measurable results such as Joint Labour Inspection Agreement between BWI and FIFA after 8 years of negotiation.  The BWI Regional Campaign and Policy Officer for Africa and Middle East Region, Cde Abdoul K. Ouedraogo gave an overview of the BWI Regional Communications and Campaign chronicling notable achievements for 2016 such as engagement of Chinese multinationals, highlighting migrant workers issues in the MENA sub region, better health and safety conditions, strengthening trade union organization and recognition of trade union rights. Women and youths have been empowered for effective participation in trade unions structures and actions.  Delegates were imparted with a deeper and practical understanding of creating clear, precise, concrete and simple campaign messages tackling issues including women and youth participation, health and safety and privatization as group exercises.  The final products of the group exercises on developing campaign messages and communication strategy were critiqued and developed. Delegates have been urged to observe copyright issues when incorporating imagery from other sources into their campaigns to avoid litigation for copyright infringements.  Social media training covered basics of photography, photo editing, Facebook page creation and managing as well as blogging and signing BWI campaigns on the global website to fully equip participants for effective and efficient management of affiliates’ social media presence.  Participants adopted some recommendations on Campaign and Communication to be submitted to the Regional Conference for wider communication and campaigns of BWI affiliates in Africa.