BWI and CFMEU unite for working people

BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson has addressed the CFMEU Conference in Brisbane, Australia, looking forward to a close relationship in the future. 

Yuson expressed the BWI’s solidarity with CFMEU’s struggle against the Turnbull Government’s attacks on CFMEU and the Australian trade union movement. Yuson condemned the passage of the Registered Organisations Bill, which imposes red tape regulation on unions in an attempt to control the movement, and moves to revive the Australian Building and Construction Commission as direct intimidation tactics against union officials. “I believe Turnbull’s strategy is not working, because each day the CFMEU gets stronger”, he said. 

“Despite a rise in anti-immigrant and anti-working class rhetoric”, said Yuson, “working class people across the Asia-Pacific region were rising up and demanding their rights.” 

He noted the enormous mass movement in South Korea that is undermining attempts by the Government to impose neoliberal labour reforms and the Bersih 5.0 protest in Malaysia demanding free and fair election and an end to corruption in politics. 

Discussing the South Korean Government’s brutal attacks on the trade union movement, Yuson secured support from CFMEU to participate in the Global Day Action on 30 November. He said: “It’s been an honour to be part of the international delegation who attended the demonstration of one million people demanding the resignation of President Park, and I ask for your solidarity to support our South Korean brothers and sisters in the upcoming general strike.”