BWI and SASK explore more "historic partnerships"

SASK, the development cooperation organization of the Finnish trade union movement, dispatched representatives Janne Ronkainen, Executive Director, and Simiao Simbine, Regional Representative for Africa, to BWI's Africa and Middle East Regional Office on March 15. In a meeting, the parties reviewed the effects of recent organisational and global political, social, and economic developments on the trade union movement. BWI and SASK also explored how to best advance progressive labour rights in the face of shifting conditions, as well as anticipated trends in funding and project development.

Following two BWI-SASK meetings held on 28 January and 15 March 2023 respectively, both partners were more aware of each other's contexts and challenges.

Crecentia Mofokeng, BWI Africa and Middle East Regional Representative, commended SASK for its historic partnerships with BWI and urged both groups to use their combined expertise to further their organising efforts for the benefit of the working people, peace, and the environment.