BWI demands for immediate investigation on death of Filipino construction worker in Qatar

05 April 2016 08:48

More than two weeks after the tragic death of Juanito B. Pardillo and injuries sustained by his two Filipino colleagues at their job site, the investigation report has yet to be concluded by the Qatari authorities. “Without such report, as a matter of requirement, the claimants would not be able to claim benefits both from Qatar and the Philippines”, said Ambet Yuson, general secretary of BWI.

"We call therefore on the agency who are spearheading the probe to fast-track its investigation so that the victims as well as the victim’s family can now legally claim those benefits," he added.

As representative of the widow, the Philippine Embassy must now issue the same statement as Juanito’s remains has finally home with his family, relatives and friends.

We reiterated our call to VINCI Construction to conduct a parallel investigation to look for the culpability of its partner Al Darwish Engineering based on the principle of joint liability as well as to offer additional compensation to the family aside from the benefits to be provided by insurance.

Further, QDVC must introduce stringent occupational safety and health safety measures in all of its work places in order to prevent similar accidents.

In order to do this, we therefore proposed a joint BWI-QDVC inspection in all of its work sites within Qatar.