BWI Global OHS Brigades Session 2: Workplace health and safety as a right?

BWI invites you to the 2nd session of its Global OHS Brigades Online Training Course titled “Can healthy and safe workplaces be a fundamental right?” on 20 October, 14:00-16:15 CEST.

In this session, we will discuss how occupational health and safety rights are linked to universal human rights, and the importance of the International Labour Conference (ILO) recognising OHS as a fundamental right. We will also share thoughts on ILO Conventions Nos. 155, 187 and 161.

Helping us with the session are Marta Pujadas (UOCRA-Argentina), who will discuss the massive positive impact to workers of ILO recognising OHS as a right, and Former BWI Director of OHS Fiona Murie, who will present all relevant ILO Conventions which could form the core ideal of OHS as a fundamental right.

If you missed our first session last 29 September, please join our “ quick catch-up” before we formally start the second session. 

Register here.  

The BWI Global OHS Brigades Open Online Training Course is open to trade unionists and worker leaders from BWI affiliates worldwide.