BWI Global youth conference in Germany adopted youth resolution on Bangkok Congress

18 April 2016 09:08

The youth for all BWI regions represented at the Festival in Germany have taken this opportunity to hold an half day global conference where they discussed about their future in BWI.

An Ad hoc committee composed by representatives of all the regions have worked to come with a draft resolution that has been proposed to the conference for amendment. The resolution has shown the needs to lay a strong foundation for the young people within the BWI sectors. As the future is in their hands, is also their responsibility to push for formalization of youth structures in BWI constitution.

The General Secretary of BWI Ambet Yuson pledged his fully support to the youth and emphasis that youth are the future, he inform that Latin America will have its regional conference next year and more young people are expected to attend as well. he encourage the young people to continue fighting and never give up.

The BWI Vice President Per Olof Sjöo being a youth as well, encourage the young people to continue fighting and pledge his fully support to the youth activities.

The youth conference then adopted the resolutions and it was officially handed over to the BWI Vice President Per-Olof Sjöö to bring it to the BWI Bangkok congress for adoption.