BWI International Women Committee readies for World Congress

On 7 September, the 20th BWI International Women Committee (IWC) took place and discussed strategies in preparation for BWI’s World Congress in Madrid, Spain this October. 

BWI’s women leaders acknowledged that 2022 saw numerous existential threats to the humanity and our planet. They said that while the world is starting to recover from the COVID-19 crisis, humanity is faced by new crises caused by military conflicts, the global economic slowdown, enduring authoritarian regimes and climate change. They said that women worldwide continue to bear the brunt of these crises. The committee said that international humanitarian and trade union solidarity are key instruments that could help women overcome the said crises. 

In this context, the committee adopts BWI’s congress theme and added a gender dimension: “Vamos! Organize women beyond borders. For the People. For Peace. For Planet.” The committee members said that the fight for decent jobs and gender equality is a fight for peace, climate justice and a better life for everyone. 

“We have very ambitious plans for the upcoming Congress and beyond. We want to strengthen statutory rules regarding women representation in BWI’s governing structures, introduce gender lens to BWI’s climate change agenda, empower women in trades, and build gender-sensitive policies at workplaces to eliminate the macho culture in the world of work. We are ready to go! Vamos!” BWI IWC Chair Rita Schiavi said.