BWI-LAC: Women accept the challenge of 30% of representation in BWI 2017 Congress

25 October 2016 19:31


The 10th BWI Regional Women's Committee Meeting for Latin America and the Caribbean, headed by its President: Marta Pujadas of UOCRA, Argentina, reaffirmed the women workers commitment in implement the quota of 30% of representation in the next BWI 2017 Congress to be held in Durban, South Africa. They even consider to nominate women in decision-making positions in bodies such as the World Council, in order to negotiate with other regions. 

A summary of the topics approached at Committee Meeting on September 26th, at the headquarters of SUNTRACS (a BWI member in Panama) can include: 

Reports from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Bermuda and Panama highlighted important progress and some of them showed setbacks on rights as it is the case of Argentina and Brazil. Among the presented reports, the one of Colombia received the solidarity of the Committee to the Intergremial of Construction and Wood Workers in relation to the recent peace agreement proposal between the Government of Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC, which terminating the armed conflict of more than 50 years. 

The titular members: Liliana Daza of Fetramecol, Colombia; Renee Jones of BIU, Bermuda; Maria Fatima Goncalves (Pretinha) of SINTRACONST-ES, Brazil and Marta Pujadas of UOCRA, Argentina agreed to submit five Resolutions to the Regional Committee, which stands solidarity in favor of the popular plebiscite on October 2nd in Colombia to endorse the recent peace agreements. Another resolution urged to BWI to participate in the World Conference Against Child Labour to be held in Argentina in November 2017. 

Claudia Carini of FOCRA, Argentina and members of SUNTRACS: Annette Athanasiadis, Kathya Pereira, Jessica Barrios, Maylene Shakespeare and Berta Portugal attended as observers.