BWI launches special report on Latin America and Caribbean

The BWI Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (BWI-LAC) launched a special publication this October reporting on its major initiatives to promote social dialogue and political discussions from the grassroots level to the highest reaches of the global community.


The special publication, which is available in three languages, presented a general assessment of the region and BWI’s trade union affiliates since 2019. It also presented BWI’s main activities in the region touching on key issues, such as migrant workers’ rights, women and youth empowerment, occupational health and safety (OHS) and climate change. 

"This is our way of showing what our collective work have achieved in the region", said Nilton Freitas, BWI-LAC Regional Representative. "Our intention is to show that workers’ commitment to trade unionism can lead to better lives in the region, and highlight BWI and its affiliated organisations’ crucial role in this endeavor,” Freitas said. 

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