BWI releases “climate manifesto” for healthy and safe workplaces amidst extreme heat and other weather events

As world leaders prepare to set foot in Dubai for the UN Climate Summit (COP 28) later this moth, BWI releases its manifesto for safe and healthy workplaces for migrant workers in extreme weather events and heat. 


The BWI Manifesto calls on every government and all other industry and civil society actor, to work together to deliver on policies that safeguard the health and safety of construction workers performing work in high-risk environments induced by the climate crisis.


BWI has identified three key principles to enhance equity and protections for construction, building material, wood and forestry workers:

  • Strengthening resilience by prioritising a just transition that places labour issues at its core and upholds the human rights of all workers, regardless of their status;

  • Enhancing occupational health and safety standards and heat stress mitigation measures, training opportunities and solid monitoring mechanisms;

  • Prioritising the development of climate-resilient infrastructure and housing, building a global community for the well-being of the most vulnerable and contributing to long-term climate adaptation.

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Check regularly this  page for new language versions. Learn more about why building, construction and forestry workers deserve healthy and safe working environments and decent jobs amidst a climate crisis and use our campaign posters to promote the campaign Heat-Up Workers Rights, Not the Planet!