BWI Sports Campaign – A Decade of Progress

30 July 2018 14:46


The BWI is launching the “Decade One Magazine” marking the first ten years of BWI’s work on mega-sporting events. The report describes the struggle of the BWI and its member unions to improve the conditions for workers employed at mega sporting events during the past ten years.

“At the beginning of the decade, doors were tightly shut. We were out on the street. Now we are around the table and shaping the future rather than simply responding to it. However, part of us remains on the street and that combination of campaigning, engagement, negotiation, and agreement will remain necessary as we move into the second decade of the sport's campaign,” said BWI’s general secretary Ambet Yuson.

In the past ten years we have seen changes:

  • in public attitudes about human rights of workers at sporting events;

  • in improved conditions for many of the workers who have been building for big sporting events;

  • in the ability of BWI member unions to work together globally;

  • development of better strategies that combine campaigning with engaging people as well as negotiating and implementing agreements;

  • recognition of the BWI in the worlds of sports and global human rights community; and most importantly

  • in the freedom of workers who have begun to organise and stand up for their rights.

“I am very proud of BWI’s member organisations and of what we have been able to accomplish working together. Nearly all of our member unions were involved in one way or another. I never once heard anybody ask, ‘what is in it for us?’ It was about solidarity and, among other things, it showed that solidarity works,” said Ambet Yuson.

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