BWI supports UNI's Geneva action in favour of German trade union organizer expelled from Peru

31 May 2016 06:27

Today, UNI accompanied by the BWI and other Global Union Federations located in the Geneva area presented a letter of solidarity to the Peruvian consulate in Geneva to support Orhan Akman, a German trade union organizer who has been working for UNI Americas in Peru over the last few years. Akman has been expelled from the country. 

Through peaceful demonstrations alongside Peruvian workers, Akman has successfully overseen unionization and collective bargaining at companies such as Cencosud. 

The Peruvian government has accused Akman of “disrupting public order, tranquility and social peace” and has therefore been refused reentry to the country. Despite the authorities claiming to have evidence to corroborate these claims, no proof has been produced.