BWI to Serbia: End abuse of Vietnamese workers in Chinese plant

BWI on 18 November called on Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić to end serious violations of workers’ rights at the Linglong car tire factory in Zrenjanin, Serbia. 

In a letter addressed to Brnabić, BWI said that the Serbian government must do everything necessary to compel the management of the China Energy Engineering Group Tianjin Electric Power Construction Co. LTD, branch, Belgrade, a contractor of the Chinese company Linglong International Europe Ltd. Zrenjanin, to comply with all labour-related national laws and international labour standards. 

“We call up on you, Ms. Prime Minister, to use your good office and take action, if necessary, to end these serious violations of international labour standards and national law,” BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson said. 

BWI reported that around 500 Vietnamese workers are lodged in unacceptable, substandard accommodations without proper sanitary conditions in the middle of a pandemic. They are exposed to dangerous health and safety conditions. They are forced to work for 26 days a month, and if for any reason that they failed to fulfill the said “requirement” and worked a day less, they will be punished by not being paid for the entire month. 

The workers also do not receive salary slips. Moreover, upon the arrival of workers from Vietnam, they are forced to hand over their passports to their employer. There is no evidence that workers have residence and work permits, yet, they were asked to hand over their passports to their employer.


The health of the workers is also endangered by COVID-19. The workers wanted to be vaccinated, but when they contacted the authorities of the company for assistance, they were told that the process was complicated, and that it would not be possible. They have not been informed that they can get the vaccine without any conditions.

BWI Letter to Serbian PM (EN)

BWI Letter to Serbian PM (Serb)

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