BWI unveils 2024 Women Workers’ Calendar, celebrates women trade unionists

In honour of International Women’s Month, the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) released the 2024 Women Workers’ Calendar marking the remarkable stories of women trade unionists from across the globe, showcasing their inspiring struggles and unwavering leadership in the fight for labor rights, safer workplaces, and gender equality.

The BWI 2024 Women Workers’ Calendar features narratives from trade union affiliates in North Macedonia, Spain, Ukraine, Philippines, India, Australia, Palestine, Senegal, Kenya, Bermuda, Panama, Brazil, and the United States. Through compelling stories, it captures the resilience and dedication of BWI women trade unionists who are at the forefront of defending democracy and advancing the rights of workers.

Each month of the calendar is dedicated to spotlighting the experiences and achievements of these extraordinary women, illustrating their pivotal role in shaping a fairer and more equitable society. From advocating for better working conditions to challenging gender-based discrimination, these women exemplify the spirit of empowerment and solidarity within the global labor movement.

Download the calendar.