BWI welcomes progress on human rights with FIFA

22 May 2017 11:38

FIFA has taken an important step forward in creating an independent advisory board on human rights . BWI General Secretary Ambet Yuson will serve as one of its eight members. The work of the Advisory Board for the initial, two-year pilot phase is described in terms of reference. It is a broad mandate, “The scope of the Advisory Board’s work includes all processes and issues it may consider relevant for the implementation of FIFA’s commitment to respect human rights …” 

BWI General Secretary Yuson stated that “the creation of the FIFA Advisory Board will enable us to better address and focus on the concerns of workers where they work and live. This body is an additional tool for progress, however, we will not be content until all workers in our industries, on the ground, can fully exercise their human rights and experience the dignity to which all human beings are entitled.” 

FIFA's official press release can be accessed here.