Caribbean sub region: discussing strategies to increase affiliates from region to the BWI

Unions from the Caribbean affiliates to BWI had hold a sub-regional meeting in Jamaica last week. During the meeting, the unions have shown their interest in continue increasing number of unions from the Caribbean to BWI.

Some of them have good relationship with union of other countries so they commit themselves to work in approach to Unions from Trinidad y Tobago, Guyana and contact Caribbean Labour Congress to help on this mission. Recognize that Caribbean have multiples languages and culture and the question on how make one integrated sub region arise. 


Unions had reported about the work they are doing in their countries and SGTK from Curacao informed that the government share with them a MoU signed with Chinese company Chec, BITU from Jamaica has stared conversation and lobbing the new Labour Minister as a strategy to organize workers on Chinese company Chec, C-47 is developing a campaign against precarious work. Also attended the meeting as observers the General Secretary of SUNTRACS Panama and BWI Regional Vice-president Saul Méndez and his Deputy General Secretary Erasmo Cerrud. 

The participants already discussed issues related on the participation of the BWI sub region affiliates in the next BWI Congress, particularly regarding on women and youth representatives.