Chile: STRABAG begins negotiations with SINTEC-FETRACOMA

This December 6th, the Regional Office of the Building and Wood Workers’ International (BWI) received recently the information of a new negotiation process started by the company STRABAG from Austria with SINTEC, a FETRACOMA union member, after several judicial decisions in favor or their recognition as the unique valid interlocutor of workers. 

"The company will not be able to negotiate with the yellow union, but with SINTEC", said Jorge Hernandez, President of SINTEC and FETRACOMA, BWI affiliate in Chile. STRABAG is one of the main constructing companies at Alto Maipo Hydroelectric Project, subcontracted by the American Company AES. 

SINTEC will now be able to negotiate in representation of the 1,500 workers employed by STRABAG. Among the main demands of the workers are: 5% wage increase, salary readjustment to every professional categories, payment of $500 chilean pesos to workers, improvements at accommodation and social security at workplace and payment of a labor production bonus. 

The BWI World Council sent a strong statement both to STRABAG and to Hochtief to reach a solution in benefic of workers affiliated to SINTEC. Ambet Yuson, BWI General Secretary together with the BWI German affiliate IG-BAU, had committed to provide all necessary support to chilean workers to reach a satisfactory agreement.