Chile: Union leader chairs Civil Society Council in Labour Department

31 July 2017 06:50


Within a year of activities, the Civil Society Council of the Labour Department (DT) decided to renew its presidency by appointing the union leader of the forestry sector, Jorge González Castillo. BWI wishes to congratulate González in his new position.

The Civil Society Council is a consultative body formed by twelve representatives of non-profit associations in a diverse, representative and pluralistic manner related to themes of competence. The objective consists in strengthening the relationship between organized civil society and the Labour Department through participation in the consultation processes associated with decision-making and monitoring of institutional policies.

González was appointed for one year. Gonzalez, who is also a national councilor of the Unity Confederation of Workers, said: "We, as trade union leaders, are encouraged by a spirit of public service". Upon assuming the position, he emphasized that he will look after the objectivity and the climate of consensus that prevails in the advisory body.

Since 2006, González has been the President of the National Confederation of Forestry Workers (CTF), a BWI affiliate in the southern country. Gonzalez has 29 years of union experience.

BWI wishes to congratulate González in his new position.