Colombia: Massive complaints against outsourcing and the collective "pacts"

05 October 2017 15:29


The massive filing of complaints against employers by unions and workers in various sectors in Colombia has become a successful strategy for resolving differences, fighting against diminishing trade union actions, the collective "pacts" and outsourcing. 56 national trade unions from various economic sectors evaluated and discussed strategies for enforcing labour standards and for supporting complaints on individual and collective rights.

This was one of the conclusions of the IV meeting of trade union organisations for the respect of labour standards, decent work and the formalization of employment, held in Bogota by the National Trade Union School of Medellin.

26 union complaints were lodged against the Ministry of labour.

Since 2014, this strategy has been implemented by unions affiliated to the CUT and CTC with the technical and legal support of the ENS, national centres, in collaboration with the ILO.

163 complaints, all through collective 'pacts', benefits and illegal labour mediation (outsourcing) plans, were presented between 2014 and 2016.

This time, other 26 unions lodged complaints with the support of CUT and CTC, pointing the Control inspection of the Vice-Ministry of labour, established in article 32 of law 1562 in 2012.

It was made clear that more and more trade unions use this strategy. The Ministry of labour has been delayed and therefore ineffecient.

Among the 163 complaints lodged in the past two years, 14 have been reviewed, 137 are pending and only 12 cases have been punished for "collective pacts" and parallel plans of benefits, involving 8 companies. On top of these, the 26 submitted in late August and early September”.

The Intergremial Board Coordinator in construction and wood, José López de SINTRASKINCO of Manizales, also member of the Executive Committee of the CTC stated: "This successful strategy can be used by any of the organizations pertaining to the Intergremial." It is a united trade union plateform including the three trade unions more representative in the country CUT, CTC and CGT working closely with the ENS, GUFs, the ILO.

Information and graphics of the ENS of Medellin.